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Hi! I’m Teddy and I’m based out of Ontario, Canada. I’ve been an avid traveller since my mid-teens. I have a background in aviation and am blessed to say I’ve travelled to 42 countries since my travelling journey began. I got into travel hacking in my early 20’s as a means to travel in #LuxuryForLess. I’ve spent countless hours studying different point accumulation and redemption strategies in order to experience lavish trips for almost no out-of-pocket expenses. In the last 3 years alone, I’ve travelled to exotic destinations such as the Maldives, Seychelles, Turkey, Bali, Dubai, and so many more. These trips consisted of First-Class flights, $5,000+/night hotels, and high-end tours with total travel costs of $250-$500 per trip! Allow me to help guide you on your #LuxuryForLess travel journey by choosing one of our three consultation packages.

Trip Planning – Travel Concierge Service

With 42 countries under my belt spanning every single continent except Antarctica, allow me to plan your dream vacation for you. From flights, hotels, tours, car rentals, and more, I’ll be able to build an itinerary to suit your budget and goals.

This service will include a day-by-day breakdown of your dream trip with the option to book yourself or have Lounge Key book it for you. I’ll work with you to ensure your personalized itinerary meets all of your expectations for the trip. You’ll be receiving rock bottom pricing using travel-hacking strategies such as insider flight pricing, special-rate hotel bookings, and unadvertised travel discounts.

In fact, I guarantee that your trip will be cheaper than what you find advertised online or your money back! Start by booking a consultation below.

Travel Hacking – Point Accumulation Consultation

Ready to start collecting points for that luxury trip you’ve been dreaming of? Schedule a consultation below for a personalized step-by-step plan to accumulate the points needed to complete your journey.

I’ll breakdown the credit cards you’ll need to sign up for, referral strategies, spend strategies to obtain signup bonuses, understanding multipliers to maximize points, and more. This plan will be tailor made for you to ensure you earn the points necessary for you to enjoy your dream trip at a fraction of the cost. Whether it’s a honeymoon in the Maldives, African Safari with the family, or a romp across Europe with friends, you can fly first class and stay in luxury 5 star properties for less than 5% of the cost by utilizing points.

So as long as you’re a resident of Canada or the USA and have good to excellent credit, schedule your consultation now!

Travel Hacking – Points Redemption Consultation

You’ve worked hard to earn those points for the trip you’ve been dreaming of. Half the battle is over. Now it’s time to use those points to book your luxury getaway. With over 8 years of travel-hacking experience, I’ll create a personalized plan on how to maximize your point redemptions for flights, hotels, and more.

Using redemption sweet-spots and point conversion strategies, I’ll lay out a step-by-step redemption guide to maximize your point redemptions for business/first class flights and 5 star hotels for your specific itinerary. Need help booking the flights and hotels? No problem. I can walk you through the redemption and booking process to ensure it’s a seamless experience.

Not sure if you have enough points to book your dream trip? Be sure to schedule a Point Accumulation Consultation first so we can review your current point balances and build a plan to top-up if needed.

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